I believe that a portfolio more accurately represents what someone is capable of than a CV.  I believe this is particularly true of an experimentalist such as myself in which the majority of the effort becomes a footnote toward a greater goal.  This site is designed to bridge that gap for those who care to look. Regardless, I present my CV below.


2010 - Present

Philadelphia, PA

University of Pennsylvania  (Group of Nader Engheta)

Research Associate, Post-Doc (2009)

2015 - Present (Freelance)

Philadelphia, PA

Greg Dunn Designs LLC

Director of Engineering

2010 - 2011 (Freelance)

Philadelphia, PA

Quantason LLC

Director of Experimentation


2003 - 2009

Philadelphia, PA

University of Pennsylvania (Group of Nader Engheta)

Ph. D. in Electrical and Systems Engineering

1999 - 2003

State College, PA

Pennsylvania State University

B. S. in Engineering Science (Honors)

Minor in Engineering Mechanics

Selected Publications and Presentations


Edwards B. "Electric Tweezers: Arbitrary Dielectrophoresis Based Positioning and Orientation of Sub-Micron Particles" (Advised by Prof. Nader Engheta)


NSF EAGER Award, "Microetching of the Human Brain" 2014-2016. Edwards B (PI), Dunn G, and Engheta N.


NSF VIZZIE Award.  Scientific Illustration - Experts Choice. 2017

Joseph D'16 and Rosaline Wolf Award for Best Dissertation in Electrical and Systems Engineering, 2009

1st Prize URSI Student Paper Competition (Boulder, CO 2006).  Presented the plenary talk as one of the finalists.

NSF IGERT Recipient 2003-2006


Liberal I, Mahmoud A, Li Y, Edwards B, Engheta N. "Photonic doping of epsilon-near-zero media" Science 35 2017.

Qian Z, Hastings SP, Li C, Edwards B, McGinn CK, Engheta N, Fakhraai Z, Park SJ. "Raspberry-like Metamolecules Exhibiting Strong Magnetic Resonances" ACS Nano 9(2) 2015.

Edwards B, Engheta N. "Electric Tweezers: negative dielectrophoretic multiple particle positioning" New Journal of Physics (14) 2012.

Yong S, Edwards B, Alu A, Engheta N. "Experimental realization of optical lumped nanocircuits at infrared wavelengths" Nature Materials (11) 2012.

Edwards B, Engheta N. " Experimental Verification of Displacement-Current Conduits in Metamaterial-Inspired Optical Circuitry" Physical Review Letters. (108) 2012.

Edwards B, Alu A, Silveirinha M, Engheta N. “Reflectionless Sharp Bends and Corners in Waveguides Using Epsilon-Near-Zero Effects” Journal of Applied Physics (105), 044905. 2009.

Edwards B, Alu A, Silveirinha M, Engheta N. “Experimental Verification of Plasmonic Cloaking at Microwave Frequencies” Physical Review Letters. (103) 2009.

Powell DA, Alu A, Edwards B, Vakil A, Kivshar YS, Engheta N. “Nonlinear control of tunneling through an epsilon-near-zero channel” Physical Review B (79) 2009.

Edwards B, Alu A, Young ME, Silveirinha M, Engheta N. “Experimental verification of epsilon-near-zero metamaterial coupling and energy squeezing using a microwave waveguide” Physical Review Letters. (100) 2008.

Edwards B, Engheta N, Evoy S. “Electric tweezers: Experimental study of positive dielectrophoresis-based positioning and orientation of a nanorod” Journal of Applied Physics (102) 2007.

Edwards B, Mayer TS, Bhiladvala RB. “Synchronous electrorotation of nanowires in fluid” Nano Letters (6) 2006.

Edwards BE, Engheta N, Evoy S. “Theory of simultaneous control of orientation and translational motion of nanorods using positive dielectrophoretic forces.” Journal of Applied Physics (98), 124314 (2005).


"Far-field Sub-Diffraction Optical Lenses (FaSDOL)", Nader Engheta, Alessandro Salandrino, Brian Edwards, US 8116009 B2

"System and method for controlling nanoparticles using dielectrophoretic forces", Nader Engheta, Brian Edwards, US 8293087 B2